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Professor States That Marine Corps Is Toxic

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
January 24, 2019
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Professor James Joyner...from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College apparently doesn't like Marines. Despite his posting, he believes that we are so masculine that we've become toxic. While Dr. Joyner's résumé is impressive, to say the least, the man is a combat veteran from Desert Storm and was awarded the Bronze Star. However...there is one thing missing from Dr. Joyner's résumé.He isn't a Marine.He is a soldier and from the looks of it, a damn good one. Hell, he graduated from both Airborne and Air Assault schools, earned his Ph.D. and has one hell of a career. As far as veterans being successful after their time in service goes, well done. Well done indeed!When it comes to the Marine Corps being upset about combat roles being opened up to women...well we weren't so much upset as we were going by the data. The data provided by none other than now retired Sergeant Major Justin LeHew and his excellent staff at Marine Corps Training and Education Command. Many pop shots were taken at Sgt. Maj. LeHew and his staff, accusing them of sandbagging the testing to skew the results. Sgt. Maj. LeHew didn't take that shit sitting down, as one could expect from "The Hero of Nasiriyah" and ferociously defended the testing and the Marines involved.Professor Joyner, while you certainly hold all the accolades and prestigious titles and relevant combat experience, you don't have the title of Marine. Therefore, in the words of many an officer and staff noncommissioned officers, it would behoove you to not talk about that which you have not earned and that is the title of Marine.In the Marine Corps, we care about one thing and one thing only. Winning battles. That's why the Marine Corps exists. This last part sounds grossly motivated like a recruiting commercial, but we don't care. Marines care about winning and if what you bring to the table doesn't enhance our chances of winning, male or female, you can kick rocks and hit the road. You can especially kick rocks and hit the road if you're not a Marine and feel compelled to offer half-assed commentary on our culture.For someone with as prestigious a posting, surrounded by Marines, you ought to know better, you don't rate.

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