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Prosecutors in Gallagher Case Admitted to Spying on Defense Team

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
May 15, 2019
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Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak admitted to Tim Parlatore during a closed-door hearing that the emails with spyware had been sent to investigate leaks in the case...this is a good idea how?The case should be dropped immediately. The prosecutors have royally screwed the pooch. Just as we suspected and lamented, our worst fears will come true...see as much as we like and support Eddie...the truth is as we stated in our last article about this whole ordeal, the truth is all that matters but...due to this absolute buttf***ery, justice...true justice will never really have its day. Those who think Eddie is guilty will use the excuse that he got off on a technicality and that he's actually guilty. Those of us who've supported him will inevitably assert this means there was a witch hunt from the get-go, meant to ruin a man's career.The truth...will get torn apart. Treated as if a lie, treated as everything but the honest, and unbiased truth. We're biased here and even though this likely means our guy will win, we're disappointed that the truth...will never be taken seriously.Through the extremely unprofessional behavior of the prosecution, nobody will ever truly and fully believe whatever verdict is issued is valid. Even if they had a case, spying on the defense teams emails, for the purpose of discovering leaks? How long have you been an attorney guy? None of us here have taken a state bar exam and even we'd assume doing such a thing would most certainly cause a mistrial or get us disbarred. How was this thought to be a good idea and why?Why did the prosecution feel the need to install spyware on the defense get to the bottom of the leaks? What kind of weak ass excuse is that? All you'd need to know is that it isn't on your team. They thought the other team was cheating so they cheating more obviously and blatantly, now what? Now the prosecution's credibility is shot. Yet no repercussions? According to Tim Parlatore, the lead defense attorney told news outlets:“He just admitted to committing an ethical violation, and you want me to trust him. The judge says no evidence [of the violation] – but he admitted to doing it.”And again, no repercussions. We know the military justice system is different from the civilian one and the devil is in the details...but from where we're sitting, we just want to know when will they stop trying to bury this man and ruin his name? Just let the unbiased truth come out...except it's too late for that.

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