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Putin's Saber-Rattling Returns

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Active Military
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Veteran News
February 20, 2019
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This fuggin guy again...Putin. We're certainly not perfect, but amidst the cancellation of the treaty that Russia was obviously violating (there is tons of evidence, and we put it in our last article which you can find here), Putin is saying that if we move forward with missiles in Europe he'll target the United States with his new weapons...Because our arch nemesis on the global scale who was violating an international arms treaty against new types of nuclear missiles wasn't targeting us before...that makes about as much sense as a donkey and an avocado going to the VIP lounge together. If anyone here would like to think that Russia has not been targeting the United States ever since Putin came to power, please exit stage left.This is just more saber rattling from a tyrant. All he is doing right now is saying that "Hey we won't lie about the fact that we've been aiming at you with our 'new' weapons for quite some time now."Putin isn't going to do shit. At least not to us, and if he does come at us, then Red Dawn 2.0 mofo! Game the hell on! Plus if we're wrong and Putin does do something, it's not like any of us will be around to worry if we were wrong or right...just kidding...but really.Remember folks, propaganda is a thing that Commies do kinda sorta well. And we hate to go back to the well of "You can take the man out of the KGB, but you can't take the KGB out of the man," but every time Putin opens his damn mouth, can you not just see the old Soviet bloc style propaganda machine reciting its normal tropes?If we were you guys, we wouldn't worry too much about Putin and his new weapons, because like Mr. EOD guy says, "I'm either right or suddenly it's not my problem anymore."We say deploy missiles at will and if he does something stupid, well we can launch ours and suddenly it's nobody on the entire planet's problem anymore. We look forward to seeing what cockroaches do with all of our neat technology.

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