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R. Lee Ermey's Oscar Snub

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 26, 2019
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You know...we don't watch the Oscars. We probably should...being somewhat of a news outlet and people across this nation obviously give a shit about the opinions of millionaires who play dress up for a living...we shouldn't bash that, we talk shit for money that respect it's a wash. HOWEVER, to hear that R. Lee Ermey was snubbed in the remembrance portion of the Oscars...that just gives us even more reason to rewatch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the one from the '90s) for roughly the 600th time in our lives.The man was iconic in every way shape or form, doing everything he could to promote the Marine Corps in a positive light. He was an ambassador between two worlds and you can't even remember that he passed away last April...for shame Hollywood, for shame, not that we really expected better of you. If you could just stop sexually assaulting people for five minutes, and remember an actor who devoted his life to increasing the understanding between our two very different worlds and give some respect where it's due...yeah that'd be pretty cool.R. Lee Ermey not only portrayed the infamous Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece "Full Metal Jacket", but he also took part in numerous other films/TV shows, as well as produced, and wrote! He was intimately involved! It's not like people didn't know who he was. It's not like he was an extra in one movie once upon a time.He was a part of the industry, he was one of you and you snubbed him. That's ok, luckily, we, the Marine Corps, we don't forget our own, we remember them and we'll always remember him because he is one of us. It's just sad that at the end of the day...all that cash, all that glam, all of it...and still zero class. Zero respect.You know what, we changed our mind, we're glad you didn't remember him, we doubt he'd want to be a part of your "club". R. Lee Ermey is one of ours and always will be.And don't think we didn't see you snub Max Martini's film, "Sgt. Will Gardner" as well. Damn movie was beautiful and after 20 years of war, not even a mention. Ungrateful snobs.

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