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Re-enlisting Over a Dead Body Is Not a War Crime

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 4, 2019
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At least that's what a judge ruled on one of the counts against Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Gallagher. Which in our opinion is good. You might say it's in bad taste. You might think it a bit extreme. You may find it problematic. More about what happened overseas may come out, but the truth of the matter right now in this very instant is that we're on board with that judge's decision.You may not approve and that's fine, but war is an ugly business and the psychological value of hearing that one of our SEALs reenlisted over the body of a dead terrorist is a righteous kick in the nuts to any Daesh douche out there. That dead Daesh just became propaganda for us stating the following."We like killing you shitheads so much, that we want to renew our pledge to killing you f***wits over your corpses!" You want to make propaganda videos beheading people for protecting art and protecting women and children from becoming sex slaves and victims of human trafficking? Cool, we'll make videos of us renewing our pledge to kill all of you over the bodies of your besties, now without testes for the world to see.Was it in bad taste? Maybe, but the fact remains, those Daesh douches are not super happy about their blown out skulls being used as propaganda for the United States military."Hey, kids want to travel to exotic foreign lands and stack bodies like the chubby kid in school stacks twinkies? Have we got a job for YOU!"We know that the Special Operations community has had a tremendous burden placed on their shoulders during this asymmetrical war. Their methods and tactics are extremely effective against our current enemy, so we've put them to work for damn near twenty years non-stop. Now we're mad that they're reenlisting over the bodies of those they've slain? Miss us with that weak ass shit.We get that the United States wants to be seen as this highly moral and righteous victor, a white knight of the world if you must, but the truth is when you spend close to two decades at war things are going to get ugly and if you didn't want them to get ugly, we should have killed everyone that needed killing back in the beginning.

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