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MasterPiece Arms Summer Shootout

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
August 21, 2017
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During August 12 - 13, several members of the Grunt Style Shooting team participated in the two days, Precision Rifle Series, Masterpiece Arms Summer Shootout match. Team members Spenser Berry and Candice Horner both competed in the highly contested Open Division in Omaha, Georgia. In this division, competitors are allowed to use calibers from 22 cal to 300 win mag with the only exception of a max speed or muzzle velocity their ammunition is allowed to achieve. Candice shoots a 6xc while Berry was using his newly built 6.5x47. Joe Caley, the only Tactical Division shooter, brought his GCP Rifle Co. built .223/556 and mixed it up with others in his division who opted to compete with the formidable good ole 308.This match consisted of two days where each competitor shot 8 stages with varying shooting positions including natural or manmade structures, ranging from 300 to 1200 yards. Each shooter had to engage a number of targets with scores calculated on a number of targets hit and their time.With Temperatures in the 90’s, the name of the game was trying to stay cool and hydrated, as the heat took its toll on everyone. However, all the competitors were treated to a great southern BBQ after the first day of competition located at the Omaha Brewing Company. This feast was courtesy of a great supporter of the shooting sport and local to the area, Armageddon Gear.

To learn more about the Precision Rifle Series you can check out their website at www.precisionrifleseries.comRead more shooting articles here.

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