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January 1, 1970
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Some of you remember the age-old joke about getting batteries for your chemlights. You’d send the new guy all over, looking (like a fool) for batteries for chemlights only to yuck it up as he asked everyone in sight if they knew where he could get them. Then, they actually made battery operated chemlights and we all looked like idiots. Very funny government, very funny. Except now the joke is on them with the ghost gun. With all the incorrect terminology ignorant anti-gun politicians throw around ghost gun and ghost button all seem to fall into the same box that the educated gun-owners laugh at.Now it seems that there is such a thing as a ghost gun that has liberals and anti-gun activists sure to shit their pants. Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed has been undermining government control of firearms for the last half decade, using whatever cutting edge technology he can get his hands on to do so. One of the founding principles of our country is the right to bear arms in case tyranny should once more try to grip our lives. Cody is making it happen in a new and unforeseen (at least by the ATF) way.

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Some of you might remember Cody as the guy who released the 3-D printing machine capable of printing an AR-15 in your home out of a block of aluminum. Cody has now moved on to plans for an M1911 type pistol. Possibly the most iconic of all American firearms, the Colt 1911 model has been around since well, 1911 (duh). There are plans to release software for Glock and many other popular pistol designs, all untraceable by the federal government.Cody’s intent is clear with his job. He doesn’t seek to arm ne’er do wells but instead allow people the liberty of being safe and secure in their own person without the government telling them how to be safe or when to be safe. In this day and age when many people are looking for reasons to be victims and passive, Cody is seeking to make pro-active protectors of liberty and family alike.

The only part actually being manufactured in the home is the frame. That is the only part of the handgun that the federal government regulates. Barrel, trigger assembly as well as other essential working parts must still be ordered online. That, however, can be done with no questions asked. Before any whines about the safety aspect, you still need a strong knowledge of how firearms work and how they are put together before you can actually build a fully functional firearm.Defense Distributed has had success with the AR-15 platform in the past and we see no reason why they won’t be as successful in the future with the pistol endeavor. In addition to the recent win in the 5th Circuit Court (The author of the HLR is super pissed about this decision by the way), it doesn’t seem like Defense Distributed will have any issues regarding the legality of their practice.

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