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Alpha Outpost Range Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 12, 2017
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The guys over at Alpha Outpost do a phenomenal job of putting together boxes for you. This is the Range Box, filled with items you'll need for a trip to the gun range. We're not giving away a gun for fifty dollars, but these boxes have quite a few essential items.

Range Box

The firs thing you'll notice when you open up the box is a comic that is put together showing you different ways to utilize the contents of your box. In addition to that, it has a few training articles at the end that'll help you up your shooting game. It's a quick and handy guide for folks new to shooting, or for you to have in case you find yourself training people new to shooting. It also comes with a monthly challenge to try out at the range. Included in the kit, they have some great oils for gun cleaning and maintenance.

Range Box

Included in the box as well, is the golden target winning multi-tool "The Gun Tool". It's the world's number one multi-tool for rifles and shotguns. How many times have you found yourself needing to make adjustments on your weapon but you've got to dig through a toolbag for specialty tools? Tons, sacrificing your knife or using a tool that's not quite up to snuff to accomplish the necessary work. What makes this multi-tool even better is that it's not just for guns, it truly is a multi-tool!

Range Box

This is by far not everything that is in the box, but definitely some highlights. Range bags can be difficult to build, given the variety of different tools and equipment claiming to be the best. Alpha Outpost did a phenomenal job, with the Range Box, by getting you started with some basic essentials before you head out. May your front sight post always be clear!

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