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New Gun Control Solution is a Terrible Idea

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Gear + Kits
October 27, 2017
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Recently there was a proposition put out that in order to solve our gun problems we shouldn't limit types of guns, just the amount. The proposal stated that the number of guns per household, per person to be allowed was an arbitrary two. You could own two guns under the new law if it were written. If that isn't the dumbest thing we've ever heard then next election we'll write in Rod Farva.This really shocked the guys over at the Outdoors department. After we calmed them all down with some moose jerky and PBR they made some pretty valid points regarding this stupid plan.

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First off, you're alienating all of your Grunt Style Outdoors guys. Totally not cool. These strapping men of Paul Bunyan physique and beard do everything with guns from hunting to competing. How are you going to have a three gun competitor only own two guns? Three gun competitors are not only some of the safest, but also most proficient with guns as well. You're telling these intrepid outdoorsmen that their sport, which promotes safety and responsible gun ownership that they can't compete. We'll see how well that goes over with them. Our guess is it won't go well, and you'll probably be told 'no.'Did someone say hunting? While a few animal rights activists may find their way to this page, we're not overly concerned with their opinions. So they can kindly find their way out (see how polite we are?). The fact is that hunting is a way of life in America, a way of life that honors and respects nature for the sustenance it provides. Dove hunting requires a shotgun, deer hunting a rifle(not to mention the other calibers needed for the different game available) and a pistol for a backup. Unfortunately, with this new proposition, you'd have to give up one of the above. Again, that's just not going to happen with men who live off of the land.

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The more these proposals come out, the more ridiculous and asinine they get. Don't mess with the guys from Grunt Style Outdoors, as we can't hold them back much longer--our supply of moose jerky is running dangerously low.

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