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Spring Cleaning like MacGyver – Updating Your Every Day Carry For Summer

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
April 1, 2024
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That time has come again, where the daylight gets longer and the days get warmer, which means it’s time to make some adjustments to our everyday carry. Staying on top of the most relevant objects to include in this setup will not only manage weight but be more effective in your environment. So, what goes, and what stays? 

Goodbye outer layers. The loss of the coat or pullover as temperatures rise does mean less concealment, and less available pockets. That bulk may have been comfortable but roasting yourself can be counterproductive. Holsters and sheaths may need to be moved around, but we can also drop heat related items. Gloves and pocket warmers can go, and lighter shoes or boots means less fatigue. Long sleeved linen shirts can be an excellent addition as well, protecting the skin while allowing in a nice breeze.

Hello go bag. Items to pick up are sunblock, sports drink powders, and if you live somewhere with extreme sun, a shemagh. Carrying a go bag in your vehicle is usually enough for these larger pieces, but if you’re moving a sling bag or backpack is a good idea. A backup water source is necessary if you have a go bag that can carry it. If you live or work someplace where a camelback would be weird, a water bottle holder works just as well.

Along with the loss of layers comes the reduction in emergency items that are environmental. Instead of the emergency kit in the car having heavy sleeping bags and mylar blankets, a light ‘poncho liner’ style blanket can go in. Heating stoves and equipment can be swapped for shade, using pop up shades or a tarp with some bungees. This is also a good time to clean that water can out and refill it.

The biggest swap is going to be your mindset. The warmer weather and shift to more outdoor activities is like an entirely new environment, so when you fill your pockets to walk out of the house, treat it as such and remain prepared.

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