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Homemade 1.5 Gauge Shotgun: Serious Punch

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
May 4, 2017
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We've done articles on some of the most powerful weapons out there: this 4 gauge shotgun is just an example of that. But a homemade 1.5 gauge punt gun? It takes some serious balls to shoot.Robert Vogel handcrafted this gigantic 47-pound gun, loaded it with 11 ounces of shot, and demonstrated the incredible power that it has once you pull the trigger. It's so heavy, in fact, that he has to rest it on hay bales; he can't hold it steady by himself.Punt guns have quite a history. Now outlawed from hunting, they were originally used by waterfowl hunters who needed to kill a LOT of birds. The gigantic shotguns were mounted onto a boat (some were upwards of 13 feet in legnth!) and hunkered down to get a good shot. Hunters would lay sandbags across the stocks and the kickboards of their boats because the recoil of the guns was so bad. Despite their power, they were manufactured to be shot from the shoulder if needed. Although, you'd need to be careful not to knock it out of socket!


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