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Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
August 3, 2017
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What's new in the world of an everyday carry? Look no further than the LifeCard from North Carolina’s Trailblazer Firearms. This single-shot, single-action .22 is made to resemble a credit card, but it's way more than that! Made from lightweight anodized aluminum and touting a steel trigger and tilt-up barrel, this 7 oz. pistol folds up into a 3.375 inch by 2.215 inch card. It's also only a half-inch thick and can fit in your back pocket or average wallet. All four rounds will pack a good punch, but if you ever needed a last resort, this could be your best bet. Is it worth $400 of your hard-earned dollars? Check out these specs and let us know!

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