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Grunt Style Shooting Team: Champions

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
October 25, 2017
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In a strong showing for the Grunt Style Shooting Team, Spenser Berry has impressively captured the championship crown for the Precision Rifle Series: Gas Gun Series. Utilizing his JP Enterprises LRP-07 rifle sporting a Proof Research heavy contoured 20-inch stainless steel barrel with a Nightforce 4-16 Attacker with a Tremor 3 reticle optic, Spenser edged out the competition in overall score earning the championship crown by one-half point.[caption id="attachment_14294" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

The guns Spenser Berry used to win the competition[/caption]While the traditional Precision Rifle Series focuses on hits and is not penalized for misses, the Gas Gun Series institutes a 30-second penalty for each missed rifle target and a 15-second penalty for each missed pistol target. Be fast, be accurate, the only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss and Spenser is known to neither be slow nor miss his targets. Although the business is serious, the atmosphere is relaxed. Spenser was paired with the shooter who finished in second place. The difference between the two shooters final score was the equivalent of one missed target."The gas gun series is a little bit different than the bolt gun series, it's a lot more laid back, a lot more having fun and joking around. Even though it was the finale and it was for the championship, we were still looking at stages talking about how we were gonna run it, even though we were both competing for the championship," Spenser said talking to American Grit this past Tuesday.

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As a member of the United States Army, who competes regularly in long distance shooting events, it's not surprising to see him edge out a victory in this competition. The scoring takes the top two scores from five qualifying matches and then averages them out with the lowest score winning, much like golf, only way cooler with way more tattoos and general badassery. We at the Grunt Style family of brands send out hearty congratulations to our expert marksmen Spenser Berry and the entire Grunt Style Precision Rifle Team for all the great work they do.

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