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Activated Charcoal at Alpha Outpost

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Gear + Kits
December 4, 2017
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In this video, Omar from Alpha Outpost will show you the quick and easy way to make activated charcoal. It's a relatively simple process with a multitude of uses and could help save a life in a survival situation. We'll go over some of the other benefits of activated charcoal after we talk about how to make it.

activated charcoal

The first step is to have some wood, and let it get charred.Wait until the embers have cooled down on their own and scrape a few times into a cup. You'll just need to add water and stir well. There you have it. activated charcoal in a pinch. Make sure that after you ingest activated charcoal to drink plenty of water or you'll end up being pretty constipated (yeah we know it's gross, but its the truth, make sure to drink water).

activated charcoal

The benefits of activated charcoal are its porous nature, which allows it to absorb a ton of bad stuff. Everything from poison to heavy metals, charcoal will absorb it and expel it from the body (as long as you're drinking water). You can also use activated charcoal topically on any wound that you might sustain while in the wilderness. Things like spider and snake bites can be treated on a rudimentary level by making a paste out of the charcoal and saliva. You'd apply the paste to the wound and change it out every hour until you can get to a hospital or the infection subsides. The last use of activated charcoal is to utilize it as a water filter. By funneling the suspect water through the charcoal, you'll eliminate most of the harmful bacteria making it safer to drink.

activated charcoal

The great thing about this tool is that as long as you have access to wood, fire and clean water, you can make your own and you won't have to pack it.

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