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Event 2: Gun Run Near Chicago

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
May 12, 2017
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If you’re anywhere near Chicago, there’s a badass Grunt Style event happening tomorrow. Of all places, it’s surprising a shooting match is being held in Chicago. But, little do many know… Grunt Style Headquarters is on the outskirts of Chicago, IL. So, it’s actually a perfect location for a Grunt Style event.

The Event: The Grunt Style 2 Gun Run at Range 355. This is a 2-gun, hence the name, shooting competition. Competitors will use their AR15 rifle and pistol to compete in four stages. Two stages will be pistol only, while the other two will be rifle only.What’s the Point: To compete and hang out with like-minded, gun-loving Americans. And, you don’t have to shoot if you don’t want to. Spectators are welcome. As with any competition, there will be prizes…and, saying they’ll be good is a huge understatement. Because, well, this is Grunt Style. They do shit right! Professional shooters, Shane Coley and Michelle Viscusi will be shooting and hanging out throughout the event. Go ahead, and pick the brains of some of the best shooters in the world.


Wanna Do it, Do This: Register online HERE. If you don’t register in advance, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a spot. The event is being capped at 80 participants. Be sure to bring eye and ear protection. Bring your unloaded guns and enough ammo to compete (50 rounds of pistol and 50 rounds of rifle). Rifles should have only one optic and your pistol should have iron sights. None of that gamer stuff; just know how to run your guns.

While this competition is going to be very beginner friendly, bring your A-Game to snag great prizes. Even if you’re not a top contender, you’ll walk away with new gear, custom Grunt Style 2 Gun Run shirt, new shooting tips from Shane and Michelle, and a full belly from the included lunch. Now, go get your shoot on!

 @scuzi23 doing what she does best! #teamglock #gruntstyle #gruntstyleoutdoors #shootingcompetition #getsomePosted by Grunt Style Outdoors on Saturday, February 18, 2017
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