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Ringo Starr Drink at Alpha Outpost

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 15, 2017
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If you're Beatles fan, then you're gonna be a fan of the next drink the Alpha Outpost staff put together for you. It's the Ringo Starr Drink.The Ringo Starr Drink

Ringo Starr Drink

So we're gonna start with apple juice, fresh squeezed, of course, we're not savages! Well maybe some of us are, but still...fresh squeezed!Pour that fresh squeezed Johnny Appleseed goodness into a glass.Add two shots of Sake (man we're really on a Sake kick lately aren't we).Mix it all up and add in some ice, and you're ready to drink just like Ringo Starr.

Ringo Starr Drink

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