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Alpha Outpost Poncho

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 7, 2017
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The poncho is an instrumental piece of equipment. It is an absolute must-have in any survival kit. Poncho's are both lightweight and take up very little space, so packing one won't take up valuable room that you may need for other gear and provisions.


In this Alpha Outpost short, we'll take you through several benefits of having a poncho in your survival kit or bug out bag. The first use we'll go over is the ability to aid in water collection. Death from dehydration can take as long as 10 days. For many though, it will be much sooner. Having the ability to collect massive amounts of water is literally life-saving in any survival situation. All you'll need to do is tie off the four corners, ensuring that you have the full surface area at your disposal and place a receptacle beneath the hood for the water to drain into. Now that you have enough water, you can focus on other issues at hand.


Heaven forbid, someone in your party becomes injured and can't move under their own power. In that case, the poncho can be utilized as a stretcher. The only downfall you may experience in this scenario is the strength of the rods you are utilizing, the poncho itself is extremely strong and durable. In addition to providing aid, it can also be an integral part of any survival shelter since it is waterproof. Whether you wear it or utilize it as part of your emergency shelter, you'll stay dry and hopefully warm. It really is a catch-all piece of equipment.


Through and through the poncho is one of the more versatile pieces of equipment you can have with you should the manure hit the fan. Certainly, there are many more uses for the poncho, if you think of any, let us know.

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