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Alpha Outpost Poseidon Box: Part 7

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 21, 2017
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As with all Alpha Outpost boxes, when you open them up, you'll find a comic themed after the box and the gear inside. The Poseidon box has everything you need to keep hydrated in the wild. The comic, as always has plenty of information on how to get the most out of your box.

Poseidon box

After reading through the comic and all the helpful tips included therein, you'll find the Poseidon patch which we use to label our pack containing all of our essential hydration equipment. Equipment like you'll find as you dig deeper into the box! The next item that you'll find a nice one-liter water bottle. The average person needs around sixty-four ounces of water to stay somewhat hydrated, obviously, you'll need more if you're in a physically demanding situation. One liter can last quite a long time though if you ration it correctly. In addition to the hard plastic bottle, you'll also find a platypus water bottle that can be folded up and compressed to fit in a tiny amount of space.

Poseidon box

The big highlight of the Poseidon box is the water purification tablets and water purification system. The purification tablets are a little bit better than the iodine tablets some of you may have used in the military. It may be that one extra bacteria that these tablets kill that keep you from having an... adverse reaction to tainted water. Moving on from there, there is the Sawyer water filter system. It's small and compact and with the system, you have in your box, you can filter one hundred thousand gallons of water. If you're going through more than one hundred thousand gallons of water in a survival setting, brother you're in a bad place.

Poseidon box

Make sure and head over to Alpha Outpost and check out all of the past boxes, as well as checking out all of Alpha Outpost and Grunt Style's content like our Violent But True Bed Time Stories!

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