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Alpha Outpost Feast Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 18, 2017
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The Feast box is full of whatever you may need to aid in survival or just out for a leisurely camping trip with the family. This box definitely gives you some bang for your buck when it comes to all of the gear packed inside. Thank you, Alpha Outpost!

The Feast Box

Starting off, like always you'll get the themed comic. Not only is it entertaining bathroom reading, but the comic also comes with several articles and cheat sheets regarding what you can and can't eat should you find yourself in dire straights. Distinguishing edible from non-edible plant life is difficult and this handy guide will keep you alive. Diving in further, the box contains a Primus Classic Trail Stove. If you find yourself lucky enough to find meat or have some rations that can be cooked, this stove is the one stop shop. There are few things in this world that boost morale and energize folks like a nice hot meal. You will need a fire source to ignite the stove.

The Feast Box

Moving on from there, the Feast Box has a few little fire starting tabs, that burn really great and can help get your fire going. It's a nice little "cheat" that will help you get a roaring fire going quick fast and in a hurry. The next item isn't a lifesaver, but rather, a nice little luxury item, creole seasoning. In a pinch, we'll all eat bland food, especially if we're starving. A nice little morale boost again, this seasoning will turn anything into a flavorful meal that will help you survive the next few days.

The Feast Box

When it comes to survival or camping, the last thing you want to deal with is a lack of food, and further, bad food. The Feast box helps you avoid both of those potential conundrums with a box full of high-quality gear. Check out more of the boxes by Alpha Outpost here!

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