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Rocket Attack: Certainly Didn't Deescalate

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 20, 2019
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Ok, this is getting stupid and we're pretty sure we're not going to go 'full cowabunga' in Iran the same way Daenerys went 'full cowabunga' when she burnt Kings Landing to a smoldering crisp (Oh no a spoiler, it's not like you've had eight years to catch up, selfish crybaby ass). The rhetoric is all there, but luckily...well sort of, nobody has been willing to throw the first punch and we're all tentatively breathing a sight of relief...except for that one rocket that landed in Baghdad's Green Zone this past weekend.Nobody has claimed responsibility for it, and nobody was killed in the attack. Buuuut the rocket did land like..half a mile from the U.S. Embassy and it was fired from east Baghdad where there are known Shia militias that are definitely operating on orders from Iran. We hardly think a lone rocket with no casualties is cause to go full cowabunga, but..IT IS DEFINITELY NOT A GREAT MOVE IF YOU WANT PEACE.The rocket attack comes as the Foreign Minister of Iran says that the United States should "Try respect, it works." Apparently only one way though...We haven't launched any rockets at Iran lately, that we can remember...maybe because we haven't?As we've reported earlier on the topic, it's not like we've been super cool to Iran over the last 70 years, but you know...they've done some shit too and this minor and seemingly insignificant rocket attack...sigh dammit all to hell, is not exactly painting Iran in the best light for the rest of the world.Yeah we've moved our troops into the area, yeah we've gone on heightened alert, but nobody on our side has, at least publicly, fired a shot. Yet a rocket gets fired from an Iranian proxy and we're getting lectures on respect. Yeah ok.Let's imagine a hypothetical experiment. Let's say we drop our weapons and leave the area, and promise not to interfere, as does Israel. We'll bet that Iran will still be a state sponsor of terrorism, still seek Israel's destruction, will still attack U.S. targets, and overall just continue to be an agitator in the area, even IF the U.S. totally left it alone.Sooooo basically what we're saying is...If you continue to shoot rockets at U.S. personnel, you're going to have a bad time.

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