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Role of AI in the Military

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
February 18, 2019
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I'll tell you hwhat...say it like that...with the "H" before the "W" have to do it fast, ok good...if the role of the AI in the military isn't to absolutely dominate on the battlefield circa Rick Sanchez's car when it was supposed to protect Summer (The Ricks Must Be Crazy, Season 2 Episode 6) then what the hell are we even doing it for. I hate SkyNet as much as the next guy, but we're obviously not heeding my advice, so we might as well win a whole bunch before we all either die or become servants to our robot overlords.A military spokesperson stated that the goals of Artifical Intelligence will be utilized with our nation's values. What does that even mean? We can't use it to kill the enemy too effectively?What is the meeting like where these dudes are discussing the policy?"Whoa guys, let's not utilize the AI to make sure that when we do fight, it's absolutely onesided, that'd be totes not cool for the other countries we're fighting, we should give them a chance to win.""Yeah Steve brings up a good point, if we win too easily then people will think we're oppressing this nation even though they attacked us first.""To piggyback on what Steve and Bob said, we can't just go around winning all the time. It's just not morally right, we have to ensure that we suffer needless casualties in order to be fair.I hate the politically correct military. I know I'm just some terminal lance corporal who deployed twice, but man, I remember a day when our reputation preceded us people were like "Oh F***, the United States is here and they're going to kill everyone."The role of AI in the military should be to get our reputation back to that level. The level right after we dropped some big ass bombs in 1945...the role of AI should be to get us back to there. Whether that means hacking the enemies systems to self destruct and kill all of them or some other heinous shit, that's where I want to see AI win future battles for us.

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