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Ronnie Coleman: King of Body-Building, May Never Walk Again

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
Veteran News
Veteran News
October 23, 2018
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Ronnie Coleman reigned supreme in the bodybuilding world. The gargantuan symmetrical and defined physique was a thing of awe to behold. How could someone get that large, have each muscle so clearly defined, all while ensuring that no part of his body went underdeveloped? Whether or not you like the sport, think it's full of steroid use or whatever...that kind of physique does not merely happen. Side note, even with steroids getting to that level requires extreme amounts of hard work.The sport of bodybuilding did take its toll on the eight-time reigning Mr. Olympia. When you hold that much weight, that much mass, that much muscle, when you push your body to the brink, injuries will happen. So Ronnie has had to have some surgeries. Many athletes do. Sometimes as great as our bodies are, ligaments or disks or whatever just aren't as great as the rest of our body and they break. It happens to the best of them.I'm going to address it now for all the haters who have something negative to say. Any sort of physical training comes with inherent risk. Athletes at the very peak of health and human performance will inevitably have some health issues, but in the long run, ask your doctor cause he/she will tell you, it's better than sitting on the couch eating pork rinds.That was only for the haters, if you're not a hater, then by all means ignore it.

Ronnie Coleman

Due to this last round of back surgeries, however, Ronnie is stating that they were done poorly and purely for monetary gain. They have also left the former Mr. Olympia without the ability to walk due to what he calls poor performance by his surgeon. It is a sad day indeed for those who followed Ronnie's rise to fame and his dominance in a sport that is extremely exacting when it comes to pushing the brink on what our bodies are capable of.Godspeed Ronnie and we wish you well in your fight to walk again.

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