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Run a Golf Tournament

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
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Community Support
February 23, 2017
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1.) The 6 P's (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)

Plan and organize. Find a venue and be sure it is a golf course that is willing to work with you. Some courses will actually donate the course for the right cause or at least give a great discount! Let the course do a lot of the event work. They do this all the time and are good at it. Use their expertise. DO NOT show up the morning of the event and expect to have everything set. Go the day before and get all your stuff laid out and be ready to start accepting registrations and selling tickets the next day. Make sure the golf course has your list of teams and names so they can get the golf carts labeled a day or two prior. Keep in regular contact with the course. They are your best friend!-$100 per person or $400 for a team is a good number to start at for registration. -Be sure to include food in the event cost and coordinate with the golf course or food vendor.-Have a great flyer made that covers all the details. -You want people to pre register as early as possible. -Be sure to include an email and phone number for contacting and Facebook page.

2.) Get Sponsors and Advertise

Get the word out, let people know about it. This does not need to cost a lot. Use Facebook and social media. Create an event or event make a Facebook Page just for the event or foundation, and have all your friends share it and post about it. Print flyers and distribute around the area while at the same time asking the businesses to sponsor (golf courses typically won’t if they are not hosting it). Sponsorship Suggestions-Major sponsors (top billing and promotion in your event)-Food and Beverage sponsors-Hole Sponsors (get as many as possible)Pricing all depends on your region and what local businesses are able to give. Be willing to work with them.

3.) Get cool prizes

You can make a ton from raffle ticket sales. Sell, Sell, Sell. Have bucket raffles with lots of prizes. Get as many donations as you can. Think outside the box. It does not have to be all golf stuff. Think of both men and ladies and what type of stuff would you like if you were playing in the event. Use buckets for your items and layout winning tickets and announce. Keep a few volunteers posted if you’re worried about prizes walking away. Award grand prizes along with the event winners and hole prizes (long drive, closest to the pin, longest putt, etc.)

4.)Don’t Do It Alone

Get people to volunteer and help. You are going to need help with registration as teams begin to arrive. Golfers are going to want to warm-up and get going on time.

Add Ons:

Talk to local car dealerships or motorsport shops if they are willing to put up a vehicle or Bike/ATV as a hole in one prize or are willing to sponsor hole-in-one insurance.You can also get your own insurance from companies that provide this service.Posting a $10,000 Hole In One prize looks great on a flyer to draw in participants. Last but not least, give a great speech and have a great time for a great cause!If you need help reach out to us at Grunt Style Events and we would be happy to help you plan your next event.

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