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Russia Needs to Calm Its Sh*t

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 7, 2018
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We don't know any other way of saying this other than what the title states. Russia needs to calm its shit or it's going to get really ugly for them really fast. Since Putin has been in charge, the former KGB man has been forcing his will upon Russia, and that will...is to see Russia as one of, if not the top player, in the superpower game.We've known this for a while and their actions in Turkey and Syria have made it blatantly clear they are not our friends. Earlier today though, they upped the game again. How? Oh, they just sent a few strategic bombers towards Alaska for a war game exercise... We're not sure if you guys get the significance of this, but, Alaska is actually stupid important regarding early warning and early interception of potential first strike forces from Russia...or even maybe China, but we're not talking about China right now.Russia sent two Tu-95 Bears towards Alaska. Just enough to be kind of an asshole and prompt a response from the United States. That response came in the form of a flight of F-22 Raptors. The Tu-95 Bear is a Cold War era prop driven strategic bomber, much the same style/purpose as our own B-52 Stratofortress. Whereas the F-22's that met them, are arguably the most advanced and deadly fighters to grace the skies. Kudos to you Air Force, the F-22 is a pretty badass plane.

Russia Needs to Calm Its shit

Once intercepted the Russian planes left without incident, but the message was clear.

We are not your friends.

That's ok, we've never really felt like you were, at least the people that matter don't think you're our total besties. The Russian economy is weak but has been rising since 1998 , their tech is definitely behind ours, yet not far. They are making a play to usurp the United States.Russia needs to calm its shit because just like North Korea, Iran, and China, eventually, someone is going to screw up and push the line a little too far.

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