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Russian Ship Almost Collides with USS Chancellorsville

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June 10, 2019
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Russia or as we're fond of saying the Diet Soviet Union...what a bag of hammered shit. Their most recent provocative action involves these troglodytes acting a fool in the Philippine Sea where the Russian destroyer, the Admiral Vinogradov tried to start shit with the guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville by what looks like negligent and reckless behavior by the captain of the Admiral Vinogradov.It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone though. Russia has been doing stupid shit the last several weeks, no doubt in an effort to manipulate where we're paying attention. Basically, like a really shitty magician, Russia has been upping it's stupid behaviors to either all out provoke the United States and give them just cause to retaliate.

Two days in a row they sent bombers and fighters into the Alaskan Air Identification Zone. Then one of their fighters had an unsafe intercept of a US Navy plane. Now they're getting dangerously close to hitting our ship. We all know what they want us to do is to shoot first so they can claim that the American's are the aggressors, but just like dealing with people...if we can't see you're shoes, you're too close to us and you need to back off, especially if you're being aggressive.

These Russian mofos are definitely ratcheting up the aggressive rhetoric as they back hostile China and North Korea and...dun dun dun even Venezuela, which remember we haven't heard about in a while, despite the fact that we all watched an APC run over citizens protesting. Are we to believe that shit just worked itself out? Not likely.We know it'd be counterproductive and it'd definitely start WW3, but damn, if they do this shit with their ships again...just sink that bastard. Not really, that's just bravado, but seriously, Russia is like that dude named Kyle in the bar who says:

"C'mon hit me, just hit me, I'll let you get first hit bro."

All while still wearing his sunglasses, and taking his shirt off to reveal the chiseled abs of a 130 lbs, 5'11'' "man".Sometimes, you just really want to hit that guy.

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