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Russia's Actual Goal

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 2, 2017
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While you’re watching people be mean and hateful on the internet to their neighbor and calling them names on Facebook, that they’d never call them in real life, Russia is actually accomplishing their goal. Their goal as stated in an earlier article we published, is to create divisiveness in the United States, making it harder for us to present a united and strong front to oppose them and their agenda. They don’t even need to do much. We saw it in the last article, all they needed was to make people think there was collusion in the presidential election and now you have leftists literally losing their minds moaning in the streets. Now they’re trying this garbage in Texas, of all places. Luckily they won’t be as successful here.

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The month of May 2017, saw a protest outside the Islamic Da’wah Center in Houston, Texas. The name of the protest, “Stop Islamization of Texas.” Certainly, there are sects of Islam that promote violence and suicide bombings and jihad. There are also a high number of Muslim men who at great risk to themselves and their families served as interpreters along-side American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving with honor and distinction. The streets saw about 100 protestors and counter-protestors square off against each other and despite the fact that their weapons in the crowds, no gunfire erupted (yeah because it’s Texas, everyone has a gun, we’re not dumb here). While there was plenty of hateful white supremacist rhetoric being thrown around to play into the gullibility of the media, the organizers of the protest managed to never show up.

The reason why? CNN reported (although it didn’t get much traction, cherry pick much CNN?) the protest was organized by a Facebook page called “Heart of Texas” which happened to be a fake account operating out of Russia. Who would have guessed that Putin, who is making power plays to increase Russia’s influence would be cool with a strong, American first President? Because he isn’t. As we stated earlier. Russia is our adversary, not our ally.

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Be careful what you read on the internet about hating your neighbor folks. Russian operatives, through fear, were able to organize some legitimate home-grown white supremacists and counter-protestors and convince them to bring weapons to downtown Houston. While the number was small in the overall scheme of things, the fact that people showed up to face off against each other while being prodded by foreign influence is not something any American on either end of the political spectrum should be ok with. Turn off your TV, get off of Facebook (unless you’re reading our articles) and go talk to your neighbor, chances are you won’t hate them so much. You might also find out they’re a Russian operative, and you should totally call the FBI or CIA and let them know.

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