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SAS Soldier Wins ISIS Knife

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 7, 2016
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A true story of a soldier surrounded. One SAS soldier with the will to live and a knife was more than enough to send these ISIS fighters running for the hills.

VA Secretary

A 27-year-old sergeant of the British Army’s Special Air Service was working in Fallujah with an Iraqi team and fighting against ISIS. On one particular mission, while making their way through a factory, ISIS ambushed the group. After a short fight only he was left uninjured, and he proceeded to wade through the bullets and drag any wounded soldiers to safety.Suddenly, his plans were thwarted when the SAS soldier ran out of ammo, and found himself completely surrounded by enemy fire. So, he did the logical thing and switched to plan B - the Gurkha Kukri knife at his side, given to him by a British Gurkha soldier before he had joined the SAS. One source reported to the Daily Star on Sunday regarding the incident:

“As soon as his ammunition was expended, the IS gunmen tried to storm him... As they went to grab him he unsheathed his kukri and began slashing away. He decapitated the first gunman, slit the throat of second and killed another with a third blow. He then sliced away at three others. The IS gunmen fled in panic allowing the SAS soldier to carry the injured men to safety.”

[caption id="attachment_4917" align="aligncenter" width="489"]

SAS Soldier

This Gurkha Kukri knife is the weapon that one SAS soldier used to kill 3 ISIS fighters and slice at 3 more.[/caption]One single soldier defeated 6 enemies in total, and scared off anyone else that managed to survive. But as soon as he rejoined the Iraqi troops, he wasn't done.

“He expected to be killed but thought he’d take as many of the enemy with him... When he was reunited with Iraqi troops they thought that he was seriously wounded because he was covered in blood, but he explained that the blood wasn’t his. He cleaned his knife, grabbed some more ammo and then led another Iraqi special forces team into battle," the SAS source said.

This soldier's will to fight to the very end is truly admirable. Be sure to thank the soldiers in your life today!Read more from the Daily Star here.

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