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Satellite Debris Threatens the ISS

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April 2, 2019
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Last week India conducted an anti-satellite test with a brand spanking new missile...the test was successful, but also you know kind of a bonehead move. The satellite that was targeted was WAY too high, and it wasn't Snoop Dogg's fault. The satellite that India chose to shoot down was obviously one of their own but it was 300 kilometers above the Earth. However, NASA was none too thrilled with India's actions stating that the test was not performed with safety in mind."That is a terrible, terrible thing to create an event that sends debris in an apogee that goes above the International Space Station," said NASA's highest ranking official, Jim Bridenstine.The test created around 400 pieces of debris and would you f***in' know it, not all of that debris fell down to terra firma the way India predicted and claimed it would. From the destruction of the satellite, we gained around 60 pieces of debris that were large enough to track, with a number of smaller pieces of debris falling to the Earth. Do you guys know what space debris can do at those high speeds? What kind of speeds? Well the ISS travels above the earth at 4.76 miles per second, or 17,150 miles per hour...and now you've got debris traveling at speed and the ISS traveling at speed...Can anyone tell us what happens when two objects moving really fast hit each other? That's right boys and girls, bad shit. Big impact force. Do we really want the ISS having to deal with MORE substantial pieces of space debris? It's not enough that our Earth orbit is already littered with debris and potential risks to the ISS, but hey, let's go ahead and add more because, why the f*** not.Not cool India, we were totally on your side in this whole Pakistan vs India showdown and then you gotta go and do that? Not cool bro, we were looking forward to being better friends.In closing, NASA had this to say,"We need to be clear, also, that these activities are not sustainable or compatible with human spaceflight."- Jim Bridenstine.

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