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Saturday Night Live, Dan Crenshaw, and Jokes

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 5, 2018
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We're going to get this out of the way first off, this is in no way shape or form an endorsement of a political candidate. It isn't. Don't read into shit that isn't there because it fits how you want the world to be.Now then...Saturday Night Live made a joke at the expense of Dan Crenshaw, a candidate for Congress out of Texas' 2nd congressional district. Daniel also happens to be Navy SEAL who was wounded on one of his many trips overseas by an IED while fighting the Taliban. Daniel's reply was great. He wasn't offended and he just thought the joke to be tacky or in poor taste, which it was.That being said, we found it humorous that the subject of the breakup of a cast member is what was taken seriously. That's what warrants the serious tone, it would be crossing a line to make fun of the guy because he got dumped. Excuse me but didn't you just make fun of a dude for losing an eye during "war or whatever"?Look, dude-bro, we make fun of our buddy who is basically a real-life version of Lt. Dan except he wasn't an officer but the difference is this...we were there. It could have just as easily on any number of occasions been us that lost both of our legs. Do you know what he does in return? He makes fun of our poor choice in women (sometimes we like the crazy ones). And we both yuck it up over our unfortunate circumstances. We're not going to act like we're holier than thou, we make fun of him, he makes fun of us, he's literally one of my best friends...and he can say what he likes in return.See, there is the difference. You want defacto permission to make fun of something serious, but when it comes to serious matters with your life, suddenly the jokes are off limits. Suddenly we need to be respectful of you and your feelings.Look Saturday Night Live, you are free to make whatever jokes you want. It's America. You wanna make fun of people, go right ahead. Don't be mad though if they make fun of you for being dumped. A situation that apparently warranted the utmost respect and sincerity unlike you know, a Purple Heart recipient. After all. It's a free country, right?

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