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Saudi Arabia vs. Iran

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September 17, 2019
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If there was a way both sides could lose, that'd just...well, that'd just solve so many of our personal problems. Like...straight up, we have no idea why we still support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) aside from the fact that they have more dollar bills than skin cells. They are literally the personification of the douche frat boy Chad, who gets away with everything because his dad has money *cough*BrockTurner*cough*.It's not like this is anything new. Persians/Medes have been killing all types of Arabs and vice versa ever since Biblical times.And we all know how everyone feels about Iran, like...the kid who tries to get in and be the cool kids but he's really not. Iran just mad we didn't pay them any attention like we did Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. They are super jealous like;"America thought Afghanistan was a bigger threat than us? Oh man, we must really suck, time to kick America in the shin again!" -Iran...probably. So what do they do? Continue to fund proxy wars against anyone aligned with America and shoot down our drones and shit.But in all honesty despite what we may have said in previous articles...we just hope there is a way both sides can lose. If Iran can destroy KSA and the KSA can destroy Iran simultaneously, that would just like...really work out in everyone's favor.Truthfully, we know we'll come out on the side of the Saudis...we always play on the side of the Saudis, but if there was a way, literally ANY WAY AT ALL WHERE THE KSA AND IRAN COULD BOTH LOSE AS THEY DUKE IT OUT WITH EACH OTHER...that would just be...orgasmic euphoria, the likes of which few have ever experienced.But again, we're gonna get let down, because we have to take the KSAs side because it's just what we do in America, despite numerous legitimate reasons not to. It's just how we operate now. Sure would be cool if we ever told the KSA and Iran to both fuck off and solve their shit themselves.

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