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Saudi Nuclear Program

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Active Military
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Veteran News
April 8, 2019
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Ok, so whatever we're smoking or shooting up that led us to believe that helping out Saudi Arabia with their nuclear power program was a good idea...share with the rest of us, because that fantasy world has got to be dope as hell man. Gotta be some next level smack to induce someone into believing that the country that fostered Osama Bin Laden, fostered the 19 hijackers, killed a journalist for being critical of its regime and has a plethora of human rights abuses to its name, should have access to technology that could one day lead it to be a nuclear power.The Saudi program insists their reactor will be for peaceful purposes but minced no words when saying they'd change that if Iran developed a nuclear weapon. We're all going to die, hooray!Call us crazy, but we're just not exactly the biggest fans of Saudi Arabia due to the heinous list of actions that country has been a part of. You don't have to agree with us, but generally stoning people to death due to their sexual orientation is not a course of action we'd ever even remotely endorse. Yet here we are as a nation, saying it's cool to give them nuclear technology.We'd have loved to be a fly on the wall listening to the exchange at whatever level it took place when they were deciding this."Hey Thad, Saudi Arabia has been doing some real asshole shit lately, what should we do?""Well Brad, I think we ought to give them some nuclear technology because they'd never ever misuse it.""Thad, are you sure, they've been abusing all the stuff they already have, are you sure.""Totes, me and King Salman met and he totes pinky swore with me they'd be cooler dudes."Truth be told though, having been in the Marine Corps and seeing how decisions get made from time to time...this isn't surprising. Our government at times just does the dumbest possible shit for inexplicable reasons. Honestly, we racked our brain trying to think of just ONE great outcome to the Saudi's getting more nuclear technology, and we drew a blank. All we could think of is how terribly and monumentally wrong this could go, but at least they're not talking to the Russians or Chinese about it...what a shit show.

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