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Say What You Will, We've Shown Restraint

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 21, 2019
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Just look at our retaliatory actions in the last 30 years. We haven't exactly made the BEST choices. Some might say we had no choice, some might say there is always another choice...the semantics of the shoulda coulda woulda crowd bother us. Not because we disagree with them, but because for the most part, the shoulda coulda woulda crowd (including us at times) expect the best out of people when we all really know...that's just not going to happen.HOWEVER (see all caps), so far with this Iran thing, yeah we're strangling them economically, but as far as military retaliation the time of writing this piece. We haven't acted like we usually do. Many of us are wondering why Iran is not a giant glass parking lot right now. Wondering why we haven't yeeted scores of cruise missiles at their shores. We're kind of curious too. What's the play? Why are we showing so much restraint?Are we preparing for a devastating blow that won't cost the lives of any American? Are we trying to deescalate despite the Warhawks insistence that we go full tilt like a Peterbilt? We don't know. What we do know is that under normal United States operating procedure, Iran would have been getting bent over and taken to pound town for going on the second day now. But...we haven't done it yet.Why?Maybe Iran popped off and then despite their claims they immediately called Washington and were like"Hey, we're going to act like we did it on purpose but, srsly...please don't Iraq us."Maybe not.But however this goes down, one thing we can all say is that at least we showed a modicum amount of restraint this time around, relatively speaking in regards to our past actions that is. We may have ALMOST retaliated...but we didn't. We showed restraint.And as always the caveat. We don't think we should go, but if we do go...we should win, decisively.

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