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Senator Chris Murphy Pushes for Gun Control

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 18, 2017
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It never ends with the leftists. The belief that more laws can create safety is as old as Archibald Henderson (Marines will get that joke). We don’t want to sound callous or unmoved by the tragedy in Las Vegas but we also want to operate in the realm of facts and reality. Democrat Senator, Chris Murphy vehemently disagreed with his colleague Senator Feinstein of California, stating that “I respectfully disagree with my colleague” he starts out “what if he did not have an assault weapon? What if the assault weapons ban still applied? What if he was up in that hotel with a pistol or a shotgun or a non-semi-automatic rifle? Maybe he would have gone through with the crime, but I guarantee you fewer people would be dead.”At the risk of sounding disingenuous and cold, our reply to Senator Murphy is this: Maybe we should make a law against murder, or drugs. Those have certainly worked. Oh, wait! Those laws already exist and people still find ways to break them. Let's face it: Laws don’t prevent crime. One might even be so bold as to say that with each law passed, it creates a whole new group of criminals. Thousands, if not tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, of gun owners who own semi-automatic rifles don’t commit crimes every day. However, because of a handful of individuals, many on the left seek to take our rights away.The oath of office of a United States Senator is very similar to that which we take in the military. “Support and defend the Constitution.” For shame, Chris Murphy for trying to dismantle the Constitution. Even the victims reject your claim. The truth of the matter is scary. It is one that we’ll have to accept though if we continue to believe and live in a free society. Sometimes, bad people do bad things and as much as we wish we could stop it, that’s not always the case. That doesn’t mean our knee-jerk extreme reactions, although sensible at the time, are actually great ideas. They are lashing out emotionally after a tragedy like all humans do, and those outbursts should be taken with a grain of salt.As the Senator representing Newtown, Connecticut, Murphy speaks regularly with the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. This is what drives him. Again, we don’t mean to sound heartless, but the person who committed that atrocity stole the guns. He already acquired the guns illegally. Drawing a comparison between the two shootings is intellectually lazy and an appeal to ill-informed voters. We don’t know Senator Murphy personally, but this whole drive appears to be disingenuous on his part as he panders to his voters looking to secure another election win. Make no mistake about it, politicians care about two things, getting elected and getting re-elected--everything else is a distant third.Let's do what is appropriate and not seek our own agenda, but rather mourn and comfort the victims as best we can.

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