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Sgt. Ron Helus: When Bullets Fly

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 8, 2018
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This morning the country was rocked by the news of yet another mass shooting. Horrible, despicable and tragic were the actions of a lone gunman who opened fire at a nightclub in California, killing 12 at last count and wounding many more. Sgt. Ron Helus of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department was among those killed.Why? Because when the gunfire rang out, when others fled, Ron went in.Ron and his partner were the first law enforcement on the scene and upon hearing the gunshots there was no hesitation between them to make entry into the building. Upon entry, Ron was hit several times by gunfire and his partner pulled him from the danger area. Ron was pronounced dead from his wounds at the hospital.Let's break this down a little bit so you know exactly how brave Sgt. Helus and the unnamed patrolmen were when bullets were flying.It's night time. Somehow when it comes to life or death situations, the night always complicates things just a little bit more.Second, nightclubs are loud and dark, with flashing strobes and weird lighting arrangements, it's not the most beneficial place to take down, especially with two men. But doing their damn jobs because that's what they were there for, the two men entered despite the odds being stacked against them.When you hear gunshots, when you hear screams, most people run away, most people hide, most people don't go looking for the source with intent to stop it. However after 29 years on the job, Ron took the lead, he was the more experienced officer. He led the way into harm's way. That man is a leader, that man is a warrior and he shall be remembered as such.Many might "Monday morning quarterback" Ron's actions say he could've waited for more support to back him up, but he knew that lives were on the line and waiting even one minute more could cost the lives of innocents, so he made the decision to make entry. He made entry into that building to save lives with no hesitation or fear.Sgt. Ron Helus, a 29 year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is a warrior and a hero in our eyes. Remember him as such.

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