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Shit Gonna Go Down in Gaza

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May 7, 2019
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In case we all haven't been paying attention due to the dope ass Endgame and Game of Thrones memes that have been flooding el Facebooko, Hamas and Israel are ready to get it on like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. We'll give you one guess who Hamas is in that scenario. In case you got it wrong, they're the ass.We're not suggesting Israel is perfect. We all remember the USS Liberty incident and are really shocked that nothing much came of it if you know our history of poppin' a cap in the ass of anyone who touches our boats.That all being said. As a neutral observer, well not quite, we do really really really really hate Hamas. They take any humanitarian aid that the Palestinians get and try to corrupt it to attack Israel and other folks. They are not the nicest of guys. In fact, we hate them more than we hate Brad, Chad and Thad and their lawyer dad!Moving on. Hamas did a dumb thing and launched a fuuuuuuuu** load of rockets into Israel. Israel retaliated, shocker, right? Reports are saying that Israel's retaliatory strike killed a high-level Hamas commander.Now it seems as if Israel is going to do a ground push and root out Hamas once and for all. Or so many 'experts' are speculating.Again, remember that Israel isn't perfect, imagine if Mexico or Canada just continually lobbed rockets across the border and took whatever money we gave them to help their impoverished people and used it to buy more weapons and fund guerilla insurgency in American border towns. We already see the hotbed debate over the border in our government now and that shit isn't even happening. Now put yourself in Israel's shoes.If they do go in. Expect a lot of condemnation from the U.N. because that's what the U.N. is good at when people retaliate against an aggressor and expect a lot of dead Hamas members, because Israel...IF they go in, will not f*** around so to speak.But again as with everything, it's all speculative until shit actually pops off.

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