Couple Riding Bikes Through ISIS
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Shocking: Couple Riding Bikes Through ISIS Didn't Make It

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 16, 2018
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In what is quite possibly the most underwhelming news story of this week. There was a couple who decided that people aren't evil, they're just misunderstood. So this intrepid couple set out on an adventure. Riding bikes through ISIS know those guys usually have a problem with women having basic human rights. It went well until...Until it didn't. In what might be the most "shocking" outcome, they managed to ride their bicycles into some territory still controlled by ISIS. ISIS is fast becoming WASWAS, but they still own some small rural areas in Western Iraq/Eastern Syria. Albeit very small pockets, but they're still there.They are still there...hiding because if they came out the United States Marine Corps, Air Force, Army and Navy would continue to ruin their day.However, this couple went to find them, to show the world that people can "co-exist" as the super trendy bumper sticker states. What they found, was obviously quite the opposite. They were killed.We're deeply saddened by this as any unnecessary loss of life is regrettable. However, they did it to themselves. It's one thing if you are in your home and someone breaks in and does some dastardly deed. When you seek it out though, it's hard to have a lot of sympathy.These dudes have filmed themselves killing people with different beliefs in the most grotesque and brutal ways. Do you really think the Master's degree from Georgetown is going to save you?ISIS: We're going to kill you.Couple: You can't do that, his Master's degree says you won't do this.ISIS: No we're still going to kill you.Wife: Honey show them the paper.The fantasy world that some folks live in, has got us believing that there is a warehouse full of LSD that only certain people have access to. Not riding bikes through ISIS territory seemed like a no-brainer to us.

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