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Shocking: Military Member Carries Weapon in War Zone

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 23, 2018
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What shocking news! Thank you, CNN for always being the king of sensationalizing normal things. A US Army General is carrying a weapon, in a war zone...NO WAY! Holy shit guys, stop the press, we gotta get this hot story to the people so they can know that someone in the military is carrying a weapon in Afghanistan. Wow. Just so much amazing reporting going on here.General Miller, the commander of all U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, the Ranger, the Green Beret, the accomplished special forces operator, yeah that guy, was seen carrying at least a condition 3 weapon while in Ghazni province Afghanistan. CNN did at least correctly report that most four-star generals don't walk around with their rifle. That is accurate. Usually, they have a dedicated Personal Security Detail or PSD that handles that shit for them, however...most four-star generals are not former runnin' gunnin' hoppin' poppin' shootin' lootin' members of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta...yeah...kind of a badass over here.So you have a four-star general, who happens to have undergone some of the most intense combat training known to man, who has been involved in conflicts around the globe from Somalia to Bosnia and Iraq and Afghanistan and it's breaking news that he is carrying a rifle. Are we seriously that deluded into thinking that this is a big deal?Or rather is it just a reminder that "Hey, we still have folks in harm's way, Afghanistan is still a dangerous place, as it has always been." Yes, it sends a message. The message isn't one of fear or trepidation, the message is that General Miller, who was in the room when a Taliban gunman opened fire and killed Abdul Raziq, is not going to go down without a fight.It's a message that the former Delta operator will be ready to return to his ways of making bad guys heads into canoes. That's the message. Not that we should be afraid.General Miller is leading from the front by saying that everyone should be vigilant, even four-star generals should be ready to drop bodies again.

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