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Shut Down the Strait of Hormuz? We Think Not.

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Active Military
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Veteran News
April 29, 2019
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Amid new threats from Iran that rival that of internet tough guys pounding away at their keyboards...(we feel like we just attacked ourselves a little bit here and it stings a little bit) a really humorous threat has come out on top as the most ridiculous. Iran has decided to let the world know they are a super big badass and could totes shut down the Strait of Hormuz. If you're wondering why we're writing like we're on the fetch set of Mean Girls, it's because that's about how seriously we're taking Iran's claim.We don't doubt that Iran thinks it can do this. Maybe, if nobody moves to stop them from doing this, they'd be able to do it. Hell we're the best looking dudes in the world till someone else comes in the room. If nobody wanted to contest Iran shutting down the Strait of Hormuz, then sure, yeah theoretically they could do it. But let's say...we, the United States, didn't want them to shut it down and it became...imperative that the strait remained open.If that were the case, we think the ocean floor would have some nice new Iranian styled decorations. The narrow strait has both pros and cons for defending it. For instance, a pro, not a lot of area to cover and more firepower concentrated there, uh oh for us. It also has cons, like the fact that since it is narrow and small, there's not a lot of room to maneuver or evade, uh oh for them. Everyone knows why we practice the art of dispersion right? Cool.We're not sitting here pretending that the United States won't take a single casualty or run into some issues, but if we really wanted the strait open and Iran was hellbent on keeping it closed, do we really think that the country who is rocking an organic "fifth-generation stealth fighter" that looks exactly like the F-5 Tiger that we first produced in 1959 is going to stand a chance? While their tech has come a long way, they just don't have the firepower to match the United States et al (we're pretty sure the British, French and possibly even Indian navies would tag along for the ride).Exactly. Truth be told, anything is possible when it comes to war...these things just may not be highly plausible.It's a lot like the old adage..."I can stop a speeding bullet...once."Iran can shut down the Strait of Hormuz until almost literally anyone else (pro-west that is, or China even) wants to open it back up.

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