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So Long to the F-35 Turkey

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 2, 2019
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All that money Turkey dumped into the F-35 program and down the drain it f***in' goes because they wanted Russia's newfangled S-400 system and once the deal was inked, the United States said: "Lol, get outta F*** Town!" Because we're not going to send our newest weapon (flawed as it may be) to a country with Russia's newest weapons (whatever flaws it may have). It's just not in the realm of something anyone with any common sense would do. The delivery of the F-35's to Turkey is scheduled for November, but the equipment delivery to Turkey has been put on hold. The equipment is necessary for Turkey to take delivery of the all of that is at risk.Not in even the nonsensical world of the United State military and foreign policy would we commit to such a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid move. We're not sending our cool new toy over to be analyzed from metaphorical head to toe by a bunch of Russians so they can better defend against it. We're just not going to do it.Turkey, who sunk $195 million into the project, really only have themselves to blame for losing out on that investment. Edrogan has been the guy cozying up to Russia and telling NATO to metaphorically lick sack while they do what they want. Despite several hostile actions in recent years, including an assassination of a Russian ambassador, that would seem to increase tensions between Russia and Turkey, the two nations could not be closer. Which in and of itself is weird.It's too early to tell who is going to come out on top in this whole ordeal. The S-400 system seems to be damn near perfect, but due to common sense, we all know every single weapons system has a weakness. For the S-400, the winning strategy seems to be overwhelming drone swarms, but even that shit is TBD. The F-35 we're told has a whole host of weaknesses and problems...but also...developers say that all these weaknesses will be negated by the integrated warfare suite.So it's kind of a toss-up. We're thinking that as cool as the S-400 is, without a great 5th generation aircraft itself, Russia and their buddies won't come out on top. The Su-57, as great as it's lauded to be, Russia is only buying 15 of the advanced fighters...who knows how many export versions they will sell if they're only getting 15 themselves.

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