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Current Insights on China: Uncovering More

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
October 1, 2019
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Today marked the 70th Anniversary of Communism in China and they came out with .... how should we say.... a nuclear bang. Every so often, China showcases their military strength and this was no exception. In addition to displaying as much of their military power as possible, China unveiled multiple new weapons systems to include the biggest nuke known yet- the Donfeng-41.While there still seems to be a bit of speculation about the DF-41, it is said it can go approximately 9,300 miles in about 30 minutes, reaching speeds of 7,672 mph. It is also said to carry around 10 warheads, which can each be locked onto separate targets. China also unveiled some other missiles, a supersonic reconnaissance drone and other new advanced weaponry. (Because the DF-41 wasn't enough, right?)While the Republic's Defense Minister is saying this was not meant to be a 'show of force', on the other hand Chinese President Xi Jinping stated, "No force can shake the status of our great motherland, and no force can stop the progress of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation."Quite a few sources are saying this was meant directly for the United States and a potential World War 3 reference. So, now what? A few questions will surely arise from this...How will we counter the DF-41? Do we really have the ability to match China's nuclear firepower now? Is this an omen to the near future?While we are sure quite a few of our readers have been reading along the almost 20 articles we have posted about China since January, we know some of this will still come as a shock. Whatever we do, our strategy needs to be exactly that- strategic, not reactive.This isn't a measuring contest, it's a chess game and we are in it for the long win. While China thinks they're taking our Knight and 'check'-ing us, we are very aware of what they are doing and have some of our own checkmate tricks up our sleeve.So, we ask you, our readership- what should our next move be?

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