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South Korea's Bold Move: Warning Russian Aircraft

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
July 23, 2019
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What a shitshow to wake up to. Early this morning, Chinese bombers accompanied by Russian bombers entered the Korean Air Identification Zone and hung out like they were boys on the block for 24 minutes. Then a Russian version of the AWACs then proceeded to a disputed island in the Sea of Japan prompting both Japan and South Korea to launch fighters to intercept the aircraft.The disputed island claimed by both Japan and South Korea, saw the Korean aircraft, allegedly fire over 300 rounds from the 20mm cannon as warning shots to the surveillance aircraft. Russia disputes this claim. Japan would only go so far as to say they launched aircraft in response to the Russian AWACs plane flying over the island.So that's what we all get to wake up to today. China and Russia antagonizing South Korea and Japan. As if the whole shitshow with the United States and Iran isn't enough of a drama fest, now we've got this garbage on our plate.The fact that South Korea thought it prudent to fire warning shots at an unarmed AWACs plane...that seems a little off. Off in the sense that aircraft don't usually fire warning shots, it's almost unheard of. You can bet that it wasn't an accident either, as they did it on two separate occasions, expending over 300 rounds of 20mm. They definitely had to get clearance from higher to let off not one, but two bursts from their cannon.Not sure anything will come of it though, that seems to be about par for the course these days, shit that would've been an international incident and sparked war in the '80s is just the everyday average now. Everyone wants to escalate, but nobody wants to fight. Not necessarily a bad thing but, it does make for boring news.

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