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Spy on Deck: Unveiling Covert Operations

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
February 14, 2019
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Yo. Like...who the f*** wants to be a spy and defect to Iran? Seriously...ok ok we get it, there is an ideological aspect to it, but seriously...Iran sucks. However, that didn't stop Monica Witt, a former Air Force officer from being our generations Benedict Arnold and selling out her nation and former colleagues. First off, let us say this.What a gigantic piece of shit human being. I get it, you think that Iran and their theocratic dictatorship is just, the bee's knees, but seriously, I hope she dies. I hope DEVGRU or CAG finds her dumb ass and pink mists the shit out of her face, then I hope they resurrect her, turn her into some sort of zombie or whatever, and then pink mist her again. Wash, rinse and repeat about five or six more times.Monica was a counterintelligence officer in the Air Force for several years before she decided to be a punk ass and help Iran conduct cyber attacks on the United States military. How are you going to hate your way of life in the Air Force? I grew up right down the street from an Air Force base. Those officers had it made in the shade with lemonade as far as quality of life. A Marine officer with the same time in service and time in grade looks like he's 90 years old. All his Marines are getting NJPs and getting into fights out on town, driving while intoxicated...the Air Force,'s five-star service and a pedicure at days end (or so it seems, I jest).Monica traveled to Iran in 2012 and apparently gave her bosses the pinky swear that she wouldn't talk about her counterintelligence work to them...then she started making anti-American propaganda videos...and nobody blinked...what the shit?How are you going to let a counterintelligence officer go to Iran for funsies, make some anti-American propaganda and take this long to figure out she is spying on us? Once she made the change to Iran, she started name dropping classified identities and shit to the Iranian government...C'mon DEVGRU and CAG! Drop her like a hot bag of dog shit on a hot summer day.

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