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St. Patrick's Day: Celebrating Irish Heritage

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 16, 2018
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All you blokes who pretend your Irish one day a year remember this. If ye want to be foolin the true Irish amongst ya, and not be labeled as a tool, remember this. Patty is short for Patricia. Paddy is short for Patrick. It's not Saint Patricia's day! It's Saint Patrick's Day. St. Paddy's Day! And what better way to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland by getting absolutely shwasted.

St Paddy's Day

Funny thing about St. Patrick. When he was a young man he was kidnapped by raiders from the Emerald Isle and there he stayed for quite a bit of time working as a shepherd. During what we can only assume was a "wonderful" time for Patrick, he became extremely religious. Patrick escaped his captivity via the coast and a boat that supposedly, God told him was waiting for him. Upon his return, he embarked upon the path to priesthood.Once good old Patrick became a priest, he ventured back to Ireland and spent his life converting the pagans to Christianity or as some would say "driving the snakes out of Ireland." One of Patrick's favorite tools to use was the three-leafed shamrock. Using the shamrock Patrick was able to explain how the Holy Trinity worked while converting the people of the island. Thousands were converted and ironically, we celebrate by getting absolutely plastered.

St Paddy's Day

So, now you have a wee bit 'o history and the proper spelling of the words, go forth and celebrate the conversion of an island, but dressing in green, drinking green beer (or any beer), and for all intents and purposes, being Irish for a day. Just remember to say Happy St. Paddy's day, and not Happy St Patricia's day. We won't be responsible for our actions if we catch you saying the latter. Truth be told, on St. Paddy's Day, we're never responsible for our actions!

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