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State Trooper on Verge of Death Stabs Criminal, Saves Own Life

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 18, 2016
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State Trooper On Verge Of Death Stabs Criminal, Saves Own Life

This is the definition of staying calm in a high intensity situation. While many people would have reacted by trying to stop the criminal from choking them, this State Trooper knew the only way he was going to make it out alive was to reach for a weapon.

MILL CREEK, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — It was a fight for survival in Randolph County, where West Virginia State Police said a trooper had to stab a man who tried to choke and drown the officer in a creek.Nathaniel Wegman, 27, of Elkins will be charged with attempted murder once he is released from the hospital, according to a news release from State Police.Troopers said the incident started Wednesday afternoon when Trooper First Class J.J. Cornelius of the Elkins detachment was attempting to serve an arrest warrant for Wegman at Pond Creek, commonly known as Mill Creek.
State Trooper
Wegman, who was wanted on a burglary charge in Indiana, fled on foot. Cornelius was able to catch up with him in a stream, also known as Mill Creek. Wegman resisted arrested and assaulted Cornelius, causing him to fall and hit his head on the creek bottom, the release said.Wegman then tried to choke and drown Cornelius, State Police said. The trooper couldn't reach his gun because he was pinned to the ground, but was able to get to his knife, which was used to stop the assault, the release said.

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