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Stay in Your Lane

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 13, 2018
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This past week, the NRA told anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Then doctors on Twitter started to screech angrily. Truth be told I've about had it with this half-assed intellectual bullshit. It's come to a boiling point. The NRA in no way shape or form has ever endorsed criminal behavior. Doctors see horrible things in the emergency room on the daily. There, now that we've got those two truths locked down we can continue our discussion.It was maybe a poor choice of words to tell doctors to stay in their lane. Not because it was super wrong, but merely because it provided those who disagree an opportunity to screech. It was extremely predictable for the people who took an oath to do no harm to come out vehemently against guns. I know this isn't true of all doctors but for the anti-gunners (who also happened to be doctors) the opportunity to virtue signal could not be passed up.Posting photos galore of the bloody floors and gauze typical of emergency rooms, the doctors took to Twitter to express their discontent. A baseless emotional plea. The images tell half the story. They don't tell of the police officer or citizen who used a gun to prevent more from winding up on those bloody tables.[caption id="attachment_19046" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

Stay in your lane

Example A[/caption]I get it. Emergency rooms can be bloody violent messes. I understand that innocent people are hurt by stray bullets. Welcome to the town of No Shitville, population everyone with one or two functioning brain cells. We also know (keyword KNOW) that armed citizens stop crazed gunmen from deliberately hurting innocents 66% of the time when they engage the sociopath trying to commit a mass shooting. It's cool if you don't believe me, the FBI stats prove me right.Sixty-six percent of the time, a law-abiding citizen kept an innocent bystander from even being in an emergency room.It's not perfect, nobody is assuming it will be (again welcome to No Shitsville). If you think you're a busy doctor now, if you think you give a lot of parents bad news now...wait till you've stripped citizens with firearms training and some semblance of positive ethical or moral beliefs of their ability to defend others and themselves from homicidal sociopaths that are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame on the nightly news.Stay in your lane because the truth is, all you're going to to do by stripping gun owners of their rights is fill your emergency rooms with more innocent people. I mean, it's not like prohibition created a black market for alcohol or how the drug war stopped our drug use. I wonder what a gun ban will do...hmmm.

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