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Streaming Dos for Your Self-Quarantine

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March 16, 2020
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Since everyone is all self quarantined because they didn't wanna wash their hands or cough into their elbow or practice social distancing...we've got some streaming faves for you. Watch these or others to help pass the time while you apparently take 185 shits per day and wash your hands six million times per day (based on how much you panic bought TP and soap/hand sanitizer).Without further ado, your streaming suggestions.LetterkennyIf you haven't jumped on the bandwagon of loving Letterkenny and you don't get all the inside jokes your co-workers throw around, now is the perfect time to stream every single episode and get caught up. The writing is almost unparalled with faced paced witty one liners that weave a great, albeit simple, story. For you educationally minded folks, you'll get a firsthand glimpse into the philosophy of stoicism via Wayne. There are some pretty strong parallels there that we'll leave you to discover on your own.ArcherIf you can't tell by now, we're huge fans of witty one liners and potty humor. Archer was ahead of it's time when it was released and the creators have banked bigtime on the loveable band of misfits. Plus there are ten seasons with ten or more episodes per season. It's a vintage classic that we doubt will go out of style anytime soon.Rick and MortyWe have an opinion here that may not be entirely popular, but here it goes. Chances are if you don't like Rick and Morty, you're not as smart as you think you are. With a plethora of jokes that require some mild working knowledge of physics and philosophy, the show offers a definitive separation from what we're being sold by the major networks as prime time TV.Frozen IIOk, we know we'll catch some heat for this because after all, it's the third cartoon we're recommending and cartoons are for kids. Also, it's a kid's movie, but there is something for adults with Kristoff's power ballad in the forest. If you don't feel the nostalgia, you probably weren't born till after 9/11.The Last ShipIt's a great series and you'll be able to find some peace in knowing that others have at least pretending to be in a similar situation that you find yourself in. Learn from their good example and enjoy the bing watching with some long ass episodes and five seasons streaming. Plus McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy is the ship's captain ladies, so...ya know, there's that.OutbreakIt's an older movie, but we're going with the same principle we did with The Last Ship. Learn not to panic by following the procedures found in Outbreak, also don't attempt to nuke a city to get rid of the virus. Not a cool look government.I Am LegendWonderful, movie about a dude and his dog living it up in post-apocalyptic NYC. That is until some chick comes along and gets him and his dog killed by the infected, which kind of look and act like vampires.WitcherIf you loved the game you're going to be enthralled by the series where Henry Cavill (aka Superman) does pretty much the same thing he did in the games. Kickin ass and gettin' busy if you catch my drift.This is by all means not a comprehensive list, add your own in the comments and help your fellow man escape the boredom that comes with an actual self-quarantine, not just playing hookey from work.

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