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Stryker vs. Tank: Who Wins?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
September 24, 2019
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I remember being on my first deployment in Iraq when the Stryker teams rolled by and I was in aww. A big smoke show of vehicles made to get our infantry where they need to go quickly and efficiently, what isn't sexy about that?! Now, the Army is looking to up the firepower on it from a .50 cal pew to 30mm and CROWS-J (Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station-Javelin) booms.So, what does this mean, really? Well, for starters, 30mm cannons and Javelins are definitely going to pierce more armor than .50cal ammo, duh. The CROWS-J system allows troops to operate from within the vehicle, potentially saving the gunner who drew the short straw's life. With today's modern warfare and having no real 'front line,' you don't always see where the enemy is hitting you, so this continues to give us a little more bang for our buck when returning the pain.But is it the better of all evils? A tank is a tank is a tank and Strykers are not created equal. A Stryker's armor, while being pretty sufficient, is not made to repel tank rounds. The 30mm will not be able to provide nearly the same return firepower as a tank and not all Strykers will be equipped with CROWS-Js, yet.Strykers were originally designed to do a little recon, some light infantry engagements and suppress in heavy situations until the bigger boys can come in. So, now what? Well, honestly, we will just have to see.Having the tank-soul crushing Javelins will definitely give Strykers the boom they need in sticky situations and being able to go 60mph in general will allow them to go boom and GTFO as able.Seen a Stryker with a CROWS-J in action? or even powered with the 30mm boom cannon? Drop a comment and let us know how much pain was brought, either to the crew trying to maneuver it or hopefully, to the enemy they were up against.

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