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Stupid Challenges

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 16, 2018
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You know that old saying that we shouldn't kill stupid people, we should just remove the warning labels and let the "problem" sort itself out? Due to these stupid challenges, we may not even have to remove warning labels.Obviously, we don't want anyone hurt, so please for the love of whatever deity you choose to pray to, stop eating Tide Pods. Stop doing stupid shit. Thankfully we all know for a fact that our readers have common sense and don't participate in such trivial, nonsensical, dangerous bullshit. Really, like how dumb do you have to be to look at laundry detergent and be like "Wow Sam, this sure looks like a great appetizer to the pesticide I'm going to eat later!"

stupid challenges

Everyone that participates in these dangerous challenges is just being trolled in the most inhumane way. Nobody that creates these challenges is actually doing them. They're just seeing how dumb and gullible teenagers can be...newsflash its really dumb and gullible. Whether it's dumping boiling hot water on your friend (that's called attempted murder, just so we're all clear) or setting yourself on fire (that's called stupidity) we can all agree that one of two things or two of two things need to happen in 2018. First, these dumb challenges need to go away, certainly, the trolls that create them are definitely to blame, but so are you if you eat a Tide Pod. Secondly and this may be a bit harsh, but remove warning labels and let the problem sort itself out (was that harsh, it felt a bit harsh, we're sorry) We realize these are human lives but these are also humans that think eating Tide Pods, committing attempted murder, and setting themselves on fire...think about that.

Stupid Challenges

Share this with someone who you think probably eats Tide Pods, you could save a life and end the stupidity.

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