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Syria Is Playing a Dangerous Game

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 10, 2018
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Syria is playing a dangerous game in Idlib. It is banking on the support of Russia to keep the United States from absolutely and entirely obliterating the forces loyal to Assad, daring to consider using chemical weapons. As we all know, the United States who long has been condemned by the world for our intervention in foreign affairs will once again be asked by the same usually hostile international coalition to respond to a nation utilizing chemical weapons.Make no mistake, if there is one thing the United States and this administration will do, it will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons. That shit is just not going to fly.So far the United States, despite being involved in Syria has withheld much of its strike capability. We haven't exactly sought to remove Assad from power, although it would be easy to do so, even with the support from Russia. However, if Assad decides to use chemical weapons, again, it will almost certainly spell the end of that regime.We know that most of us do not want to get involved in another conflict in the Middle East, but the time for not being involved in Syria has long since passed. We're there now, we might as well keep true to Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket and at the very least win.

Dangerous Game

In our humble opinion it might actually do us some good to come in and get a solid, no holds barred win. It might make Russia seriously reconsider getting into it with us in the near future if Mattis takes the restraints off and really gives a solid ass whipping to Syria for using chemical weapons. Syria is playing a dangerous game because so far they, and everyone else has seen us fight with limited capability.It's a dangerous game now that Mattis is running the fighting and you're talking about using chemical weapons.

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