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Taco Bell Employee Fired for Not Serving Cop

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 18, 2016
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One Taco Bell employee will no longer be serving anyone, since she refused to serve police.The incident occurred on Saturday night in Lee County, AL, when two officers walked into a Taco Bell looking to get a quick bite. The cashier was quick to refuse them. According to Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones, the two officers were flabbergasted.“They initially thought that she was joking,” Jones said in this report. “They even asked her if she was kidding. Her response was, ‘No, I’m not. We don’t serve law enforcement, and you need to leave.’”


Tammy Bush Mayo, the wife of one of the officers, expressed her frustration at the actions of the cashier. She also claimed that another customer in line not only approved of the dismissal, but she also was going to ask for a refund if the officers had been served."This really disturbs me that people have started treating law enforcement professionals in this manner when these same law enforcement professionals put their lives on the line every day to protect all people, including this woman with a very bad attitude at Taco Bell," Mayo wrote.

Jones gave a public statement after the incident for CNN:"I'm very disappointed that simply because they were uniformed law enforcement officers that our deputies were treated in such negative fashion. We pride ourselves in giving people basic respect and only ask the same in return," Jones said. "We won't base our opinion of Taco Bell on one employee's negative action any more than the general public should base their opinion of law enforcement on the negative action of one officer."In addition to firing the employee, Taco Bell has also reportedly apologized to the police department.

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